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Why do Stretch Marks appear?

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When you first discover that you are pregnant, almost immediately after the excitement and joy has settled in the reality that your life and your body will soon change is inevitable. Pregnancy brings many changes, whether it has to do with your eating habits, your taste, your smell, your time, you will experience a roller coaster ride of new and exciting emotions and changes unlike anything you have ever experiences. One of the not so welcomed changes is Stretch marks. Stretchmarks appear on your body when your body grows too fast and your skins elasticity (the cells that give your skin the ability to stretch) can’t keep up with rapid growth spurt. The  areas that grow the most are the belly, bum and breast in result those are the areas where stretchmarks are most commonly developed.

You will notice that they start out reddish or pink and as time goes by they will become white or grey. Studies have shown that 90% of women get stretch marks after the 7th month of their pregnancy. Although stretchmarks are believed to be genetic there are some very important steps that you can take to prevent them or dramatically reduce their appearance even if you are predisposed to developing them. It is very important that during your pregnancy you keep your skin well hydrated by drinking lots of water and lubricating your skin daily with the best anti stretch mark products. Novena Maternal Skin Care has a safe and effective belly and breast cream created just for you and your baby. Our main focus has been the safety and effectiveness of the ingredients we use in our formulas.  Novena only uses natural and organic ingredients that are safe to use during your pregnancy.

Novena cares about you and your baby! We go beyond the acceptable by the FDA and exclude any questionable ingredients. By maintaining our business family owned and operated and distributing ourselves, we maintain a high level of manufacturing and quality control.  Please help spread the news about our great quality, exceptional results and safe ingredients! That is our family’s pledge to you and your growing family.



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