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What causes Stretch Marks

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What causes Stretch Marks:

Stretch marks usually appear when you gain and loose weight rapidly. It doesn’t always mean you will get them during pregnancy. Some get it during their teenage years. Studies show that getting stretchmarks cream or not is genetic. However, there are many different ways of helping them, and that is by using belly and breast creams since day one. Pregnancy stretch marks are very common. It usually happens on dry skin, that is why it is so important to keep your skin hydrated through out your pregnancy. Sometimes they can be itchy and our advice to you is to try not to scratch it, scratching¬†can make it worse. Stretch marks begin in ¬†linear red streaks and will mature to white lines. Novena Maternity Skin Care has worked extremely hard on creating the best belly and breast creams that are safe for both, you and your baby!





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