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What causes dark brown spots?

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Pregnancy brings upon us many different changes, and with that comes many physical changes that will affect your body. Brown spots are very common during pregnancy, especially if it runs in the family (genetics). These spots can appear all over on your skin, mostly on your cheeks, jaw line, nose, upper lip, forehead, neck and on your arms. The sun is a huge reason why these spots appear. Also, all of these changes are triggered by hormonal changes during pregnancy. These hormonal changes stimulate an increase in our skins melanin (melanocyte cells) causing melasma, dark spots. Melanin is the natural substance that gives color to our eyes, skin and hair.

If you are wondering if your skin will stay that way, the answer is that it depends on your skin, the way you treat it and of course, your background. For some of you, your skin will go back to normal and for others, it might stay pigmented. Be aware, that all of these hormonal changes have a huge role in your skin and in your pregnancy. Please, take good care of your skin. Use a broad spectrum natural SPF sunscreen daily with a minimum, SPF factor of 30 and no more or less. Apply even if you are indoors. If you use a computer, sit for an extended period of time next to a window or have florescent lighting you will be exposed to heat and rays that will activate the melanin in your skin to produce more pigment. Many people are not aware of this. Remember “skin is the largest organ in the human body, don’t take it for granted”. Being pregnant is a beautiful stage in our lives, and we should be happy and accept these beautiful changes!

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