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Treat and prevent pregnancy Acne

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Being prepared for all of the changes that your skin and your body can go through is the best way to properly know how to treat and prevent pregnancy acne. The first thing to do is embrace it. Be mentally prepared for them and accept them as they arrive. Your body is going through hormonal changes and it will cause some systemic changes in you. Studies show that acne is becoming more common in your thirties and even forties. It is also very common during your pregnancy. The main cause of acne can be in your first trimester. All of your hormones increasing are causing your skin to produce oils, and when this happens, breakouts start to occur. Hormonal breakouts are mostly prevalent during your menstrual cycle. This is also directly related to monthly hormonal functions.

Keep in mind that there is life growing inside you and you have to be very careful with the things you take or apply in your skin. That makes it a little harder to treat or prevent your acne flare ups. You should always get permission from your doctor/health care provider and make sure that anything you are using is approved by him/her. Try avoiding any prescribed acne medications and over the counter spot treatments. Novena Maternal Skin Care has the perfect spot treatment that is safe for you and your baby. Our Organic Citrus Blemish Control has a strong yet gentle formula for all skin types. Problematic skin can give you the blues. Pregnancy Acne and Breakouts are common during your pregnancy even if you had perfectly clear skin before your baby bump.  Acne breakouts usually occur because of a change in hormonal levels. Problematic skin may clear up during the second trimester however after there may be a return (postpartum acne) due to the sudden hormonal change after the baby has been born. Maintaining a good skin care regimen and not picking at the lesions is important to avoid scaring.

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