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Treat and prevent pregnancy Acne
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Being prepared for all of the changes that your skin and your body can go through is the best way to properly know how to treat and prevent pregnancy acne. The first thing to do is embrace it. Be mentally prepared … Read More

Why do Stretch Marks appear?
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When you first discover that you are pregnant, almost immediately after the excitement and joy has settled in the reality that your life and your body will soon change is inevitable. Pregnancy brings many changes, whether it has to do with … Read More

What causes dark brown spots?
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Pregnancy brings upon us many different changes, and with that comes many physical changes that will affect your body. Brown spots are very common during pregnancy, especially if it runs in the family (genetics). These spots can appear all over … Read More

What causes Stretch Marks
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What causes Stretch Marks: Stretch marks usually appear when you gain and loose weight rapidly. It doesn’t always mean you will get them during pregnancy. Some get it during their teenage years. Studies show that getting stretchmarks cream or not … Read More

What causes pregnancy acne?
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Acne is very common during pregnancy. Your body is changing, your hair, your skin, and all of these changes are due to the increase of hormone levels during your first trimester. Remember, the higher the level of hormones, the more … Read More

Benefits of Cocoa Butter
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The Cocoa Bean …so much more than the main ingredient in Chocolate! It is an ingredient that is known to be ideal to moisturize your skin, hair. It can be used as lotion, cream or oil. A safe and natural … Read More

Aloe Vera “The Wonder Plant”
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Aloe Vera is a plant that has been used in herbal medicine for centuries because of all its great health benefits. Aloe Vera’s leaf has a clear gel (jelly-like substance) underneath its thick green thick exterior. Aloe Vera is a … Read More

Parabens…Toxic Preservative
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Parabens: …what is their use and what they have been found to cause? The best way to learn about what your products are actually made of is to research and gain knowledge on everything you don’t know. In every product … Read More

What is BPA? Stay away!
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What are the effects of BPA in your products? Many of you might not know what BPA (Bisphenol A) is or what it means. This is a synthetic chemical that has been used to make plastic for many years. It is … Read More

SPF Regulations…Why the FDA got involved!
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Sunscreens come in many different shapes and colors. It also comes in different types of delivery mechanisms; for instance powders, creams and sprays.  Finding the perfect sunscreen might be quiet challenging. The main thing when looking for sunscreen is finding … Read More

SPF Benefits Day and Night?
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Crazy as it may sound, there has been recent benefits discovered to wearing SPF in the PM. I know this is true..well because I think I have benefited from it not even knowing I was. My (true) story. I always … Read More

What to ask…1st prenatal visit…
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What to ask your health care provider during your 1st prenatal visit… Going to your doctor for the first time while pregnant can be a little overwhelming. This is especially certain if you are not prepared or clear on what … Read More

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