Immediately after the first application you can expect to see a difference in the suppleness of the skin and with continued use you will experience all the things each product promises. It is very important to be realistic during this special time. You are dealing with hormonal fluctuations and you may experience changes to your completion from trimester to trimester however we assure that you will be very happy with the ability Novena has in changing with your skins needs.

Novena can be used from birth to the golden years… there is no age limit or restriction to use Novena just the desire to use safer, cleaner and environmentally conscious products.

Absolutely. Novena has a product to fit all skin types and conditions.

Yes. Cancer patients’ skin goes through a major transformation during and after chemo. Novena’s formulas are pure and calming to aid even the most sensitive skin conditions. Or products are very appealing to cancer survivors due to the fact that there is no estrogen mimicking ingredients found in any of our products.

Organic / Natural products do not require undergoing clinical testing because there are no chemical ingredients that are controlled through the FDA however we conduct focus group trials of our formulas before we launch a product into market- detailed reports available upon request.

As with all skin care brands there is a seven day acclimation period to allow your skin to adjust to a new product. You may experience a positive change immediately after the first application however allow two weeks to fully see the benefits.

Absolutely. We have women that continued to use Novena and say that they will never use another brand. We have reports of husbands using Novena as well. That makes us smile.

Yes, we have received testimonials that our products are the only ones that have controlled eczema. A mother recently e-mailed us that she was ecstatic because after a long bought of trying to control her newborns baby acne our facial wash did the trick. Her daughter’s skin cleared up shortly after doing compresses using a soft lukewarm towel with the facial wash. Novena is beneficial and gently enough for all skin types.

Cosmeceutical brands often contain a mix of natural and active chemical ingredients that may cause a physical change on the skin. Organic / Natural Brands do the same however in a more holistic and cleaner way. In the old days medicine was made out of plant and fruit extracts…natural and organic ingredients takes you back to those philosophies.

Novena uses Natural and Organic Ingredients and because of this the consistency of the products are affected by its environment. If the product was shipped to you it will be under different temperature changes and if the final temperature was higher than 75 degrees it natural Coco butter and Shea butter will melt to that temperature and vise verse if the products were exposed to colder temperatures the Belly and Bum Cream may have arrived solid instead of cream form. This is due to the highly concentration of natural organic ingredients in our products. we add no chemical stabilizers to keep the product always at the same consistency. You are receiving the most raw and wholesome for of ingredients and therefor will react to climate changes. That being said, once your product is stored indoor (usually between 75 and 55 degrees) the ingredient will return to its natural state and therefore become a cream. No ingredients were harmed or modified during the temperature change.

Novena does not use chemical preservatives or stabilizers. We use Natural and Organic Ingredients and due to this the ingredients will separate: (the heavier ingredient will drop to the bottom of the bottle and the lighter less dense ingredient will rise to the top). For example, as with a fruit smoothie, you have to shake it before you drink it. This is the same theory. When your product first arrives give it a good shake before you pump it out. If you use the product everyday you will not have to shake it again because the suction of the pump will mix it however if you do not use the product for more than three consecutive days you will need to shake it up a little again. It's a small task for a great clean effective product.

Novena only uses 100% safe ingredients in all aspects of skins health and for the development of the unborn baby. We do not use nano technology, chemicals or Pegs in our formulas. Our SPF factor is 30 derived from Zinc and Titanium assuring a physical screen of protection. Our formula is lightweight yet provides day long moisture without the heavy greasy feel of traditional Sunscreens and is FDA approved.

A cream is of a thicker consistency and works on the epidermis helping the skin maintain suppleness and hydration. Creams are usually very good for dryer/sensitive skin and when a deep moisture level is needed as in Anti-Stretchmark products. Gels/serums work on a deeper level to help restore and rebuild loss of connective strength within the structure of the skin. Gels/serums are great for anti-aging targets, eye products and Oily/Acne skin types because they tend to disappear into the skin rather than remain on the surface.